Payment Options

You may choose from these payment options.

Option 1: Secure Payment by Paypal 

This is the preferred payment option. Visa, Mastercard, and major credit cards accepted. No Paypal account needed.

Option 2: Bank Deposit

This payment option minimizes person to person contact. Please follow the payment instructions indicated.

Option 3: Cash On Delivery

This option is available for in-house delivery or local pick up by customers. Please put EXACT AMOUNT in a sealed envelope to reduce contact.

Option 4: GCash

Scan our QR code. If you don't have access to a 2nd device, then take a photo of our QR code prior to logging in to GCash. Login to GCash, select Pay QR, click Scan QR code, then Upload QR Code/Import QR Code. Choose the QR code that you have saved in the Gallery. Input the exact amount of the bill then confirm payment. Send us the screenshot at or send us an SMS of the reference number with your order # at 0966-6270394.
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